Books In Homes Wishes to Thank Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Thank You Dollar General Literacy Foundation for our 2022 youth literacy grant! 

Funding received will support our STEAM Roll to Success:  Now Let’s Soar program bringing new books to Gloria Casarez Elementary School!

Partner with Books In Homes USA to support our STEM literacy initiatives.

Yes, I want to make a difference today!


Books In Homes will be at Bregy Elementary joining Opera In The Park.  Hope to see you there!

Books In Homes USA on CBS News!

Brotherly Love: Bristol-based organization aims to get books in hands of young children

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Bristol-based organization is getting thousands of new books into the hands of children in any way it can.

Eleven-year-old Vanessa Shively is choosing her next adventure.

“I really like adventure and fantasy,” Shively said.

Shively is from Durham, North Carolina, but she is staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia as she undergoes treatment for a brain tumor. Books are an escape.

“I kind of just get sucked into it and then don’t realize how much time has gone by until I get up from it,” Shiveley said.

“Growing up for me, personally, books were really important,” Maria Evan said.

Yes, I want to make a difference today!

Books In Homes USA was proud to support our partners at the Latinx Literacy Fest during Hispanic Heritage month!


We thank all of you that were able to come out and join the festivities and look forward to seeing more of you next year!

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