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Location Spotlight: Mount Markham Elementary


Mount Markham Elementary School, located in West Winfield, New York, has been with Books In Homes USA’s (BiH) program since its inception. After visiting New Zealand during 2005 as part of his doctoral studies through the University of Pennsylvania, Books In Homes USA’s founding executive director, Dr. Richard E. Quest, brought this “Books In Homes” program to the United States, and along with the help of Jodie Dolan, a Mount Markham teacher, inducted the school as one of Books In Homes USA’s first program recipients. Jodie, now retired, shares countless stories about the positive impact at the Herkimer County school. From students never owning a book before, to helping parents and siblings at home to read, the program continues to create a legacy for Books In Homes USA students, their families, and the community.



Thanks to the Books In Homes USA’s grant and matching funds raised by Mount Markham, 408 students received 10,000 free books during the 18-19 school year.  Meaghan Weiss, First Grade Teacher and current school location manager said “We host two school-wide book giveaways during the year where children have the opportunity to select books to take home and add to their home libraries.  Our students also can earn unlimited amounts of free books by reading at home.  It is amazing to see how excited our students get when they have the opportunity to take home free books several times throughout the year.”


Books In Homes USA since its founding has provided 759,470 free new books to over 311,000 under resourced children, in 150 locations across eight states.  Maria Evan, executive director of Books In Homes USA said, “We are proud to continue our partnership with Mount Markham Elementary School, as they are a flagship example of the program’s success and illustrate the importance of inspiring children to read and increasing their literacy skills to become successful adults.  Books in Homes USA recognizes the wonderful generosity of its donors who provide the necessary resources to help children from bookless homes discover and forge a brighter path.”

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